What a weekend at Woolman looks like

Sara De Roy, Student Spring 2016
Sunday, May 1, 2016

There is no such thing as a typical weekend at Woolman. Much of them are spent talking with classmates, going for walks, eating food, watching movies, and doing homework - pretty much like weekends at home. Every weekend, our fabulous interns schedule something for us to do. There have been Capture the Flag games, trips to the grocery store, and walks outside. Other times, we have more out-of-the-ordinary activities. We’ve gone to a Lunar New Year festival, had a dance party, attended a yoga class, and spent hours making rice and nut milk. Here’s an overview of what I was up to this weekend.


8:17: Breakfast in the Dining Hall. We have brunch on weekends so if we are up earlier, breakfast is up to us,  but that’s not a problem - in the walk-in we have delicious leftovers from the Seder dinner that we made with last night.

10:07: A trip to the laundry room. Not a favorite task of mine, but I really need a clean towel.

11:13: Heading off with Hilary, our NVC teacher, for a hike to the Yuba! We did this hike our first week here and I’ve been wanting to do again since, but this is the first time that someone has been available to take me.

2:56: We’re back! Time for a snack (leftover miso soup), sending some materials off to a college, and meeting a future student.

4:48: A stroll up to Mel’s Pond. The students have been planning a cookout for a while and we have the rare treat of having hamburgers.

8:02: Chatting with a visiting alumnus. He came six semesters ago, but still comes back every semester.

8:35: A much-needed shower.

10:29: Journaling in bed. A bunch of my classmates are watching a movie in the Meeting House but I’m too tired for anything but nesting on my top bunk.


8:40: More Seder leftovers for breakfast - and a long chat with Gray’s dad about history, math, and genetics.

10:01: Making brunch with an intern and a classmate. Trying to figure out the gluten-free vegan pancakes is a bit of a struggle but everyone seems to like it - maybe it’s all the whipped cream and stewed fruit we put out with them…

1:03: Helping Charlotte in the garden. I spray two and half rows of infant red peppers with Dr. Bronner’s - to kill aphids - and help her weave a blackberry trellis.

3:38: Homeworking. We’re making “Occucards” for Global Thinking class. Mine is on free community college - on the front there’s a drawing of a community college diploma with a “$0.00” price tag.

5:36: Dinner - mushrooms, quinoa with peas, kale and peppers, cucumbers with tomatoes, and hummus - followed by dish crew in our industrial sized kitchen.

7:05: Blog post writing, followed by watching one of the interns get her head shaved!

8:52: Video chatting with friends back home.

10:21: Bedtime!

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