Student Spotlight: Adrian Spring 2016

Adrian Struck, Student, Spring 2016
Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This past week we spotlighted a student who is attending the Spring 2016 Semester — Here are some of the things Adrian has experienced so far. Adrian is from Cuernavaca, Mexico and has fell into the Woolman Community seamlessly.

On Coming to Woolman:

I came to woolman, I wasn’t feeling good back home in the regular school where i was studying, I felt bored in my current program because I wasn’t doing the things I loved. I decided to come to Woolman and find myself and what my passions were, and to have 1 semester to really connect with myself and see what I really want to do in my life.

On transitioning from Mexico:

Coming from a different country, it was a good transition. It’s like living in 2 different worlds; in Mexico they have a different way of acting and thinking, and seeing both perspectives gives you a whole new sense of how humans interact with each other.  It was easy for me; you need to be willing to come here with an open mind and willing to learn a whole new way of living and thinking that will change you for ever.

Living at Woolman:

Living at Woolman has been so far one of the best experience in my life, I’ve learned so much about myself and changed so much, everyday i’m happy to be here, I love to see the woods everyday, I love nature, it’s great to be in full contact with nature. Living in community you always have someone to talk to — it’s like a big family that supports you, every person here is an amazing human being. It’s great to hear about their amazing stories.

The classes are incredible and the teachers are the best I’ve ever had in my life, you can see that they really love the work that they are doing — they really want to be a teacher and you can see that through their classes.

Leaving Woolman Thoughts:

I would recommend Woolman to people who want to connect to themselves. Woolman has changed me a lot. I’m kind of a new person I now know what my passions are  — Woolman gives a great real life experience. I’ll miss the staff members, students, this place — and walking everyday for a half hour in the woods.

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