Intern Interview

Brianna Beyrooty, Admissions and Outreach Director
Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Welcome to our first interview in our new series! We hope to catch up with past interns and see what they are up to! Interns are magic-makers, dream builders, nutrient dense meal-makers, highly qualified homework helpers, thoughtful, intelligent, charismatic, and an irreplaceable part of the Woolman Community.  The community intern program is a 10 month experience of living, working, growing, and learning as part of the Woolman Educational Community.  For the past 20 semesters we have been so grateful for those who have worked here!  If you are interested in learning more please click here! If you are former intern and would like to share your experience you can fill out an intern questionnaire here! If you are a former student itching to let us know what's alive in your life, don't worry you can fill out an alumni questionnaire here!  If you'd like to reconnect in other ways please e-mail

! We'd LOVE to hear from you.  Without further ado, Patrick Aguilar, Woolman Semester School Intern 15'-16'.

Name: Patrick Aguilar

Hometown: Grass Valley, CA

School: U.C. Santa Cruz-B.A. History


Why did you intern at the Woolman Semester?

I chose to take this internship because during my time working for Camp Woolman showed me my strongest part of myself. The community environment and emphasis on a holistic relationship with one's self piqued my interest. After my summers at Woolman, I had a deep sense that there was much more for me to experience from this place.

How did the internship help guide you in your interests?

The internship introduced me to cooking in a way that I had never experienced, and the creative nature of that aspect of the internship was something I fell in love with. Additionally, I found the Woolman internship to be an incredible guide in addressing and resolving many personal problems or parts of myself that I wasn't happy with.

Words of wisdom for new interns?


Make sure to enjoy all these new relationships you'll find yourself engaged in. Everyone you know will have something incredibly important to teach you, and opening yourself up to them will allow for some really powerful growth.

How do you find peace, justice, sustainability in your life today?

My time at Woolman has been so incredibly helpful in maintaining peace, justice, and sustainability in my life. Woolman has provided me with useful tools for addressing conflict (internal and external), and understanding the difference between my own needs and stressors and other people's needs and stressors. That differentiation allows me to live more peacefully in many of my interpersonal relationships.


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