Fire & Smoke

Andrew Sellery, Ceramics Teacher
Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Another amazing Semester here at Woolman, and the firings (wood & Raku) were, as always, the highlight of Ceramics events. I really love to use the process of Raku firing early in the semester to offer students a hands on experience showing the diversity of the ceramic experience, as well as exposing just how hot and immediate an art process can be. Yes, pulling out a Raku project at red heat, glass surface semi liquid, is an exciting, intimidating & magical experience!

Closing the Semester with a wood fire exposes the student body to the reality of just how much hard work, focus and commitment is needed to bring a simple bowl to completion. Cords of wood split to sticks, days of seemingly endless feeding of wood to fuel the pottery chambers until white heat is reached, relying on all to be guardians of each others' art & craft. Finally pulling down the door bricks to expose many weeks of passionate and heart felt work. Much like opening a treasure chest, not knowing the contents. I'm forever grateful to Woolman Semester School for offering me the opportunity to share this passion!

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