Should I vote? Can I vote?

Amelia Nebenzahl, Global Issues Teacher
Sunday, October 12, 2014

With voting day just around the corner, Woolman students had a unique opportunity to engage with and critically analyze the political process in the United States. In Global Issues class, we are exploring what it means to be a "democratic" country and how democratic processes are manifested both in the US and around the world. We talk about the power behind voting in our representative democracy as well as access to voting and how different demographics of people living in the US are helped or hindered in participating in the democratic process. To our great fortune, the League of Women voters held a debate between the two congressional candidates for our district of California, Heidi Hall and Doug LaMalfa!! What better way to combing our theoretical class analysis with practical real-world happenings!

I was extremely pleased and proud of the level of engagement and excitement from the students surrounding the debate. They were wonderfully analytical of the candidates' platforms and presentations, and although our questions weren't chosen to be asked during the forum, we had an opportunity to meet the candidates afterwards and express our priorities and concerns to the prospective representatives. The topics of our inquiries to candidates ranged from marriage equality to climate change to immigration rights and more!


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