gate keepers

Nicole Esclamado, Intern Program Coordinator and Kitchen Manager
Tuesday, October 7, 2014


. we were born right now

for a reason

we can be whatever

we give ourselves the power to be


and right now we need

day dreamers

gate keepers

bridge builders

soul speakers

web weavers

light bearers

food growers

wound healers

trail blazers

truth sayers

life lovers

peace makers


give what you most deeply desire

to give

every moment you are choosing to live

or you are waiting


why would a flower hesitate to open?

now is the only moment

rain drop let go

become the ocean


possibility is as wide

as the space

we create

to hold it


- from Awaken by Climbing Poetree


When I think of what the community interns do here, I am reminded of this poem.  Pretty soon after arriving at Woolman, I noticed that we use the verb “hold” more often and in more ways than I was used to.  We don't just hold hands before each meal; we seek to hold community, hold one's truth and another's, hold a space for radical education, hold a grounded vision of the land ... And the community interns here hold a lot.  Whether it's cooking for 40+ people, gardening, TAing, mentoring, meeting, learning, playing, or adventuring, the interns hold the space of possibility.  And they follow through, putting in the daily effort of collapsing each chosen possibility into a dynamic physicality, emotionality, and mentality that connects light bearers to food growers to wound healers to trail blazers to truth sayers to life lovers ...

Thank you for your love and skillful magic.

Photo above of the Community Interns:  Joe, Sadie, Keithlee, Sonja, Kat, Giovanna, Lizzy, and Emily.

Photo below from Intern Seminar:  Interns putting their plumbing skills to the test in the Great Toilet Challenge with our maintenance man/dreamweaver Red.



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