Food Intensive Trip - The Homeless Garden Project

Cait Corrigan-Orosco, student
Sunday, May 4, 2014

On the morning of Thursday, May 1st The Woolman Semester School visited the Homeless Garden Project in Santa Cruz, which is a non-profit that “provides job training, transitional employment and support services to people who are homeless”. Kate Pearl gave us a tour of the 3-acre organic farm.

One thing I found interesting about the farm was the system used to make soil that they have in place. Soil, compost and grass are the layers of the system. Separate mounds are in place for it to decompose faster.

After the tour we got into two groups 1) to help weed or 2) to pick strawberries. We volunteered working in the garden for 1 hour and it was awesome!

Visiting the Homeless Garden Project was such a rewarding experience. Knowing that places like the Homeless Garden Project exists gives me hope that by working together in communities we can overcome the economical issues in the world.

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