Environmental Science — Class of Fall, 2014

Gray Horwitz, Environmental Science Teacher
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Another semester has sped past all too quickly, and I wanted to take this chance to share some highlights from Environmental Science.

    Food Intensive

Learning about grafting at Wolfskill Experimental Orchard & Picking strawberries at Swanton Berry Farms

What seems like forever ago — late September — the students journeyed to the Bay Area and Santa Cruz to learn more about the unseen sides of agriculture.  We toured Swanton Berry Farm and learned about socially just farming, Bi-valve Clover Dairy and saw the inner workings of a 600-cow operation, and UC Davis’s Feedlot and GMO Seed Lab. Spencer Wollan, a current Woolman student, says, “Until I went on the food trip, I never realized the complexity surrounding the issue of GMOs.” All of our stops, from distribution centers to living plant libraries and even a Jelly Belly factory tour provided us with new information, perspectives, and questions to pursue.


Ecology Research Presentations

Wild Turkey Jeopardy & Thistle on thistles
Delving into the wilderness surrounding Woolman, students chose one organism to research and present to the class. Through these spotlights on individual species, we gathered a larger sense of the ecology of the land. Emily Spognardi, a community intern and environmental science class T.A. says, “Turkey Jeopardy was a refreshing way to connect and learn about local wildlife!”




Sustainability Projects

Woolman well data for this semester & Ceramic coffee filters to replace plastic ones

Students have been working hard throughout the semester on their Sustainability Projects. Some projects include creating a student library, plastic awareness, well water monitoring and awareness, cataloging what is grown in the Woolman garden, a chicken guide, and fire circle renovation. Come see our presentations December 6th at 2:00 pm!

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