Dorothy's Message of Gratitude

Dorothy Henderson, Interim Head of School
Tuesday, December 2, 2014
As I write this, I am warmed by the fire in my wood stove, awaiting the warmth of the almost-winter sun to take the chill off the day.  On these clear cold mornings it is easy to feel grateful for the simplicity of a full stack of wood and kindling, for the pink and azure sunrise, for the quiet of an early morning at Woolman. Gratitude fills the space.
This morning I am grateful for the young people who take the risk of leaving home to come to Woolman. Some travel across the country, some leave the inner city, some leave suburban prep schools. All of them leave what is known, what is familiar, and their time at Woolman becomes a living laboratory of what it really means to practice equality and peace, to try to live in harmony and understanding with others. 
This morning I am grateful for this living laboratory, this container that we are trying to create to hold these young people as they find their way. Within this container, we have deepened our roots in Friends faith and practice, strengthened our teaching and learning of Nonviolent Communication and instituted restorative justice circles as part of our response to community discord. 
This morning I am grateful for the abundant community discord that has emerged as we endeavor to live these practices, to create this container. We have described our effort as an experiment and within this experiment we struggle. Again and again, we need to remind ourselves and each other to come back to our faith that it is possible to find that of God, that of Truth, in all. That we can bring the core of nonviolence to all that we do and say. That love is an action, not just a feeling. 
This morning I am grateful to be a part of a Quaker school.  As the only Quaker semester school, we are held in the larger container of a 325-year history of Friends education in this country that prepares young people to live lives of integrity and meaning.  We draw strength and support from this history and community.
Finally this morning I am grateful for you, the reader of this newsletter and blog, for taking the time to share this moment. I hope that this message inspires you to stop and reflect on what in your life fills you with gratitude.

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