What is it like to be a counselor at Sierra Friends Camp?

Your Friendly Camp Counselors
Monday, February 16, 2009

Who better to ask than those fearless, faithful, fanciful, fun and fantastic folks who have done it before! Here are a few thoughts from some of our fabulous former counselors:

“Being a counselor at SFC, I’ve found that it’s a place where I can feel good about giving to other campers what I had been given as a child when I attended Shiloh Quaker Camp for 5 years. It is a place to come to and let go of whatever turmoil exists in your life, and give the best of yourself to deserving campers who greatly take in all the beauty of being there with you.” ~ Carolina McCandles (2005, 2006)

“For me being a counselor was a great opportunity to explore myself as a role model and a friend. It helped me to develop key skills for the real world both socially and in the working world. It was wonderful to create for others what has been so important to me as I have grown up. I met amazing people and my experiences and growth from my summer as a SFC counselor will be with me always.” ~ Emily Schwartz (2006)

“Working at Sierra Friends Camp really inspired me, and changed me in ways I never expected it to. Learning about Quaker camps after I was too old to attend made me feel deprived of a wonderful summer, so being a counselor gave me the opportunity to experience the love, gifts and community that come along with Quaker camp. I found being a counselor to be rewarding and spiritually fulfilling, and it gave me the strength I needed to explore and express myself in the world outside of Sierra Friends Center. Not to mention we had SO MUCH fun being outside and seeing the world!” ~ John Stitzer (2008)

“I’m not great with the written word, but I’d like to say that I learned so much during my time at Sierra Friends Camp. It was truly one of the best experiences I have ever had. You learn a ton of leadership skills and I will always remember my time at Sierra Friends Camp, and it will be an experience that I will treasure forever. I learned a lot not only from my fellow counselors and staff but also from the kids. I think it is important to be ready to give 100% and enjoy the experience and take as much away from it as you possibly can. It is by far the most valuable experience I have ever had in my life and is definitely the best learning experience I have ever had in my life. I think that it will be something that is extremely valuable for anyone who decides to be a counselor.” ~ Ben Kewman (2007)

“Being a counselor at Sierra Friends Camp was incredible; it was unlike any experience I have ever had. I loved the creativity, the beautiful environment, and above all, the strong sense of community at SFC. I will never forget leading campers on a backpacking trip through the woods, being the ‘Morning Fairy’ and waking up campers with a silly song, doing art projects, singing, and participating in meditative meetings for worship. If you work at Sierra Friends camp, you will come away with not only wonderful memories, but make lasting connections with SFC community.” ~ Maddy Anderson (2007)

If you would like to be a Sierra Friends Camp counselor, visit our web site and download an application. The priority deadline for applications is March 15.

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