News from the Center

Dorothy Henderson, Head of School
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
The semester has begun! The night air turned cold this past weekend; some of the staff were hard to recognize wearing their first long-sleeved shirts in months. Labor Day is somewhat business as usual at Woolman and Monday is a full day here. After a spirited discussion in their World Issues class (which the mother of a prospective student described as the kind of education that every informed citizen should have), intense work in Peace Studies and a full immersion in Environmental Science, the students spent two hours of shared work in the garden working along side our new garden manager, Malaika Bishop. Malaika comes to us with years of experience as a gardener and garden organizer, having founded the People’s Grocery in East Bay. A neighbor, Malaika will join us on Mondays and Fridays to work with the kitchen/garden interns and students to provide our campus with LOCAL, ORGANIC and delicious veggies. Last week we had a meal in which the garlic, onions, butternut squash, kale, sauerkraut and beets all came from our garden.

Despite a full day on Labor Day, there was evidence last evening that this was the last weekend of summer. Roz (a current student) and Joe (an alum of 2006 whose brother Matt is a current student) were playing fiddle and guitar on the Dining hall deck. Bonding over blackberry jam preserving was going on in the kitchen with Lara, Jess, Coleman (faculty), Gabe and Rachelle (students) and Meaghan (kitchen-garden intern). Conversations about John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin for Vice Presidential nominee intersected with descriptions of the cob oven being proposed as a sustainability project on campus. With fall arriving and our new semester underway, there is the promise of being fed by our life together here, in mind, body and spirit.

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