Sending School Expectations

Welcome to Woolman!  We are excited about exploring how our program can enrich your students’ educational experiences.  Below is a brief list of what a sending school is responsible for providing before, during, and after the Outdoor School experience.  Please let us know if you need support meeting any of these goals!

Before attending Woolman we ask that the sending school:

  • Fundraise to cover costs of transportation

  • Select 2-4 teachers and adult volunteers that will attend the entire length of the program and provide overnight supervision

  • Assign student Exploration Groups and Housing assignments

  • Designate one teacher as the Healthcare Coordinator (if a nurse volunteer isn’t achieved)

  • Hold an Informational Session for families of students attending - materials provided by Woolman

  • Select modes of transportation for getting students to and from the campus

  • Work with the Outdoor School to select learning modules that will most benefit their students

  • Ensure  proper authorizations, medical forms, and requested information are complete and sent to the Outdoor School two weeks prior to arriving

  • Ensure all background checks and training requirements are fulfilled by their volunteers

  • Use some of the pre-visit lesson plans provided by Woolman in their classrooms, if they see fit

During their Woolman experience, we ask that:

  • Teachers, volunteers, and students perform community chores alongside Woolman Staff

  • Teachers and volunteers help uphold agreed upon community expectations

  • The Healthcare Coordinator ensures all medications are dispensed and stored properly

  • Teachers and volunteers attend all required trainings while onsite

  • Teachers and volunteers participate in learning modules and games alongside students

After Attending Woolman:

  • The sending school will ensure teachers and students complete evaluation forms

  • The sending school will be able to continue education off-campus using further training modules and lesson plans provided by Woolman

  • Students may write letters to send to the next group of students that will attend Woolman