The Jorgensen School for Nonviolence

Launching in August of 2021

Our Mission

The Jorgensen School for Nonviolence provides meaningful and collaborative learning experiences that enable individuals to see their own role in the perpetuation of violence, to change those ways of being, and to respond to the violence they encounter in their own lives, relationships, workplaces, communities, political systems, and world through the use and understanding of nonviolent methods and direct action training.  


Beginning and ending with onsite retreats -- and containing a series of online classes in between -- the curriculum is holistic in nature. We cover how lasting change begins within and expands out into the world and students learn practical lessons about the relationship between internal work and direct nonviolent action. At the end of the course, students are connected with activists in their area that share their passion.

We envision youth - with their fire and purpose and determination - joining with seasoned activists, who can share their experiences and wisdom.  

We will begin at the heart of nonviolence - literally.  Inner nonviolence and interpersonal nonviolence forms the basis for extending out to create a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.  We will ground our work in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and then building out we will look at how to create effective lasting change in larger groups.  Every participant will bring an issue to build strategies for - racial justice, gender justice, political reform, economic justice, etc - if you can dream it, you can build a coalition and actions to bring about the world you have been dreaming of!

The Quaker values of peace, simplicity, unity, community, integrity, equality, social justice, a culture of diversity, respect, nonviolence, learning to listen to the Spirit within, and sustainability all flow throughout this course. Students can expect to do both internal and external work as they proceed through the course.

Who Should Attend

The Jorgensen School for Nonviolence is particularly suited for youth, 16 - 24 years old interested in nonviolence as a way to live their lives and solve personal, systemic, societal, and political problems. This group will become our next generation of human-rights & peace activists, environmental advocates, non-profit and non-governmental leaders, educators, university students and faculty, government officials, clergy, law enforcement, health & mental health professionals, and community organizers.

What happens when we come together to create nonviolent social change?
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