Wombat Camp Assistant Director

Job Type: 
Summer Camp
Starting Date: 
April 1, 2020


Application Deadline is January 31, 2020


This position has two main roles 1) Assist Wombat Camp Director in the overseeing of all Wombat Camp Activities and campers aged 9-14 and 2) Oversee all health related issues of participants and staff of both camps. Following Camp Woolman treatment procedures, this person will either directly treat health issues or injuries or coordinate and oversee other staff who are qualified to do so. This person will also utilize the standing orders of a licensed physician and/or RN, and call the RN or doctor when treatment procedures require or the medical needs of the person require a higher level of care or facility.

About Us

Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills near the scenic Yuba River and Tahoe National Forest, Camp Woolman embodies values of community, respect for nature, peace, and simple fun. Kids come to learn, play, make friends, and live in an accepting community where they can truly be themselves. In-camp activities include cooperative games, sports, arts and crafts, nature, swimming, gardening, singing, campfires, and whatever else our staff can come up with. We run two camps – Wombat Camp (ages 9-14) and Teen Leadership Camp (ages 15-17). Each week of Wombat Camp includes a 3-day overnight backpacking trip at nearby rivers, mountains and lakes. Teen Leadership Camp is divided into 3 sessions that range from beginner to advanced backpacking, and includes backpacking trips anywhere from 3 to 10 days long. When both camps are on site they share meals and will participate in many activities together, often partially-led and facilitated by Teen Leadership campers.



The job begins on April 1, 2020  as 5 hours/week off-site work - working through phone calls with Wombat Camp Director and Teen Leadership Camp (TLC) Director to begin planning the logistics and scheduling of both camps. Full-time work on site begins June 13th, 2020 for training and preparation. Camp is in session for six weeks, and the job ends on August 14th, after a  week of debriefing and cleanup. As this is an especially important leadership position, you will be in constant contact with Wombat Camp Director and TLC Camp Director in the months preceding camp.


Job Description

We are seeking to hire an Assistant Director who will directly oversee the day-to-day operations of Wombat Camp. This position will involve planning the daily schedule for Wombat Camp, managing counselors who facilitate activities and cabins, preparing groups for 3-day backpacking trips, and occasionally going on these trips as support for counselors. This person will hold a HUGE presence at camp. This role involves being available to all staff who may need help throughout the day, and delegation will be crucial. This person should be well known by all the Wombat Campers, and participating in many of the activities as well as planning them will be key in forming strong connections in our Camp community. Wombat Camp Assistant Director will equally be a huge presence for camp staff. A person in this role can expect to mentor many counselors throughout the summer, and be available for any camper or counselor support, especially when conflict arises. Wombat Camp Assistant Director will work with the Wombat Camp Director to keep parents and families informed as necessary, and handle any issues as they occur. This role is largely scheduling and managing, and requires creativity and empathy at every turn to ensure Camp programming runs to the best of its ability and for the overall health and wellbeing of our campers and staff.

Also serving as campus’s main healthcare coordinator, this person will organize the infirmary, oversee the general health and safety of all campers and staff and give care within certification guidelines.  This person will also consult with medical personnel including nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, etc. in order to maintain the highest standards of care at Camp Woolman. All medications taken on campus will be distributed by this person, and this person will be responsible for packaging and distributing the proper amount of medications to each trail group before they leave for backcountry.


Desired Qualifications

  • 21 years old. Younger applicants may consider a Counselor or Lead Counselor Position

  • Outdoor leadership experience, especially backpacking

  • Current class B Driver's License, or the willingness to obtain one by the start of camp.

  • A current Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid certification, or willingness to obtain one before the start of camp

  • A highly focused, detail oriented, and flexible mind that sits atop a caring, kind and empathetic heart. 

  • Prior experience working with young people.

  • Experience in managing and mentoring individuals.

  • Strong interpersonal skills.

  • Strong interest in and passion for fostering, teaching and living the values of peace, justice and sustainability. 

  • Preferably experience working at Camp Woolman or a camp with similar scheduling and values


  • Work with Wombat Camp (WC) Director and Teen Leadership Camp (TLC) Director throughout the spring to plan camp programming and scheduling

  • Work with WC Director and TLC Director throughout the spring to outreach and register camp participants

  • Work with admin from both camps to prepare for and execute staff training

  • Work with WC Director to schedule and over-see each and every camp activity and day

  • Participate in many camp activities, forming strong bonds within the Camp community

  • Work with WC Director to schedule counselor off-time, and provide direct supervision over campers when necessary

  • Coordinate with Kitchen Staff to make sure meals are meeting the needs of all of our campers and staff

  • Mentor and manage counselors, providing feed-back and training as necessary throughout the summer

  • Check individual health forms, medications, and other medical and dietary concerns of incoming campers and staff. Notify staff or camp administration of relevant health concerns or health conditions that should be closely monitored.

  • Care for the physical well-being of everyone in camp, taking care of all cases of illness and accidents and following Camp Woolman treatment procedures – delegating these tasks to other medically certified staff when appropriate

  • Utilize the standing orders of a licensed physician and/or RN, and calls the RN or doctor when treatment procedures require or the medical needs of the person require a higher level of care or facility.

  • Maintain appropriate communication with campers’ guardians either by phone, in person, or through written documents to inform camper’s families about any injuries or health concerns that require extended care at camp

  • Prepares, re -stocks, and supervises all camp first aid kits including those in the infirmary, in vans, for off-camp trips, and other specialty camp program areas.

  • Supervises sanitary conditions in camp through regular visits to units, kitchen, trash areas and all restrooms. Inform appropriate staff of any sites deemed unsanitary or requiring maintenance.

  • Gives instruction in health and safety and first aid to staff and campers as requested and when deemed appropriate.

  • Works with WC Director to maintain a schedule for the infirmary, medication distribution and other duties as assigned.

  • Manages the camp infirmary including administering medication to campers and staff

  • Maintains health records, certificates, records of treatment, medication logs, and other health information in an organized, up to date and confidential manner.

  • Modeling proper behaviors and practices to promote the health and safety of all campers and staff.

  • Participate and help facilitate Staff Meetings with other staff from both camps.

  • Collaborate with Woolman Camp administrators so both camp engines run well.

  • Participate in the spiritual, emotional, and physical growth of all our beautiful young people.

Who Are We Seeking?

This program is for people who love to work and love to play, who want to learn as well as to teach, who are self-motivated, community-minded, reliable, and who take their responsibilities seriously. A positive attitude and healthy work-ethic are a must; if you sing while washing dishes, laugh when splattered with mud in the garden, or tell jokes while hiking in the rain, this might be the perfect place for you. A background in Quakerism is not necessary, but an interest in Quaker values or a willingness to learn about it is desirable. At Camp Woolman, we strive to create a community where diversity of life experiences, learning styles, and social identities (including but not limited to religion, class, race, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability) are honored and celebrated.  In applying, please describe the way your school, work, volunteer, or life experience has prepared you to work with diverse communities of people, including any aspects of your own background or identity that you believe would enrich the Camp Woolman.



The pay for Wombat Camp Assistant Director is $90/week April-June (likely 5 hours of work each week), and $2160 for full-time work on site June 13 - August 14. Room and Board is covered for June 13 - August 14 as an additional compensation and is independent of your monetary wage.


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Application Deadline is January 31, 2020


Sonja Feinberg, Wombat Camp Director