TLC Questions & Answers

Do you need to be a graduate of Wombat Camp to come to Woolman Teen Leadership Camp?

Anyone between the ages of 15-17 is welcome to come to Teen Leadership Camp! We find our most successful programs have been a blend of new and returning faces.

How much time is spent in camp vs. camping out?

Each of our sessions has a different level of on-trail and on-site activities.  Please see About Teen Leadership Camp for a full description of each session.  For the Intermediate and Advanced Hiking TLC programs, teen campers will spend more than half their time on trips, and will make camp each night on the trail, by the river, or wherever their adventures take them.  If you are concerned about your teens wilderness ability, please contact us or sign up for the Beginner Backpacking program, where teens will have a more equal balance of on and off trail activities.

What kind of leadership are teens challenged into?

In our TLC program we take on the notion that teens  will direct the experience they want to have. We simply equip them with tools, facilitate forums for communication, and open doorways to leadership opportunities. Our teens are expected to practice wilderness trip skills (reading maps, cooking, bear bagging, etc.) and facilitate some activities for our younger campers alongside their counselors. How the teens take on these responsibilities and exercise their leadership is ultimately up to them. However, we often see our teens take on these leadership roles beautifully, and they usually seem to seek out some extra challenges along the way.

Will there be a chance to visit with the younger campers?

Yes! Each session will have the chance to design and lead activities for the younger campers in several different areas of camp---from games to food preparation to presenting  our rule skits.  In the past our teens have created elaborate scavenger hunts for the younger campers, led arts and crafts, and taught sports they love.  Our teens often form strong bonds with the younger campers in these activities, giving them ample opportunities to become community and camp role models.


Can you provide a reference for my teen at the culmination of the program?

We are certainly willing to do so but the request must be made individually, and the Teen Leadership Director reserves the right to provide an honest and truthful reflection on the experience of working with your teen. Please inquire directly to discuss this.

How can my teen get the most from this program?

We enthusiastically support teens thinking through any goals or aspirations that they have for the program in advance of arrival. Furthermore, our Teen Leadership Director is always willing to connect with individual teens before camp and talk things through. Through a combination of premeditation, discussion, processing and goal setting, we believe teens can enter the program from a powerful space, ready to take on challenges that will fit their self-created pathways.

What should I bring to camp?

Check out the gear list for camp. And make sure your backpack and shoes fit really well, you'll be using them! 

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