Parent and Camper Testimonials


I think the no screens, fresh garden produce, cooperatives chores, non-greasy, fresh made/baked food, themes, fun activities, water hole, and hiking are all awesome and a huge reason to return. I also liked the counselors, the atmosphere, the attitudes and the harmony.

Heather Spellman, a parent of a camper

Kirsten had a great time in the TLC camp! She told me excitedly about the camp activities, especially the wilderness trips. It was great fun! She even learned to ride bike. The campers and counselors were very kind to her. She was so happy making new friends there!

Sherry Yuan, a parent of a camper


My child was so happy and dreams about Woolman daily. She wants to return next summer for more sessions and treasures the friends she made there. The Quaker values created a wonderful platform for experiencing the joys of community in an open and accepting way. Thank you!

Jen Merritt, a parent of a camper

My son looks forward all year to camp. It has been the highlight of his summer. He makes great friends, loves the councilors, and loves all the activities. He really goes on and on about it....coming home is the biggest bummer! When does my son love hiking? NEVER...He loved the backpacking trip. With good friends it makes all the difference. He has made friends that he is still in touch with after camp.

Leesa Greenlee, a parent of a camper


She had a fantastic experience. This was exactly what we were hoping for. It is much cheaper than many similar options, and we felt that it is totally worth it for what the kids are experiencing. Thank you SO much for making my daughter's first sleep away camp such an incredibly positive experience. Literally the first words out of her mouth when we arrived to pick her up were asking to come again next year for longer. She was so excited about everything that she learned there--the songs, jokes, especially the pride in completing the backpacking trip, and lots of fun was clearly had. Thank you!!

Rachel Hartsough, a parent of a camper

She had an extraordinary time. This was her first sleepaway camp and she was a bit apprehensive in the lead-up to it -- wasn't confident that she would make friends, have fun, or push through homesickness. But she did all three with flying colors. She was a different person when we picked her up -- and chatted the entire 4-hour drive home about everything that happened that week! She was already itching to come back next summer, which she will! She grew into such a confident kid because of Woolman. It really gave her a new perspective and taught her so much about herself!

Nora Barrows-Friedman, a parent of a camper


The staff at woolman were wonderful. My son was nervous about going to camp, he was too scared to get out of the car! His counselor met him at the car and helped him feel more comfortable. He was very kind and gentle with my son as he showed him around camp and helped him settle in. When I came back to pick up my son he did not want to leave. The first thing he said to me was he is coming back next summer, staying for two weeks, and doing TLC when he is old enough! Thanks for a great camp experience. It was everything I had hoped for and more!

Jodi, a parent of a camper

So much they & we loved!! The healthy food, the site, the low number of campers, the hiking, that they learned musical instruments, they reported enjoying the counselors.

Laura Champion, a parent of a camper

Love that it is small. Love the roots of Woolman and what it stands for. Love that it is vegetarian. Love that it is a community. Love that it is an active and nurturing camp. Love that it is affordable. Thank you! ~Jennifer, a parent of a camper He has always had an incredible experience! He feels at home and happy, and the counselors take great care of him. :-) ~Lorrie Kelling, a parent of a camper

Camp Woolman was a life changing experience for my grandkid. On the long drive up to Woolman, he kept up saying, "I'm excited and nervous. I'm excited and scared." On the way home, he said, "I'm afraid, and EMPOWERED!" He learned his physical limits and realized that he could do much more than he ever imagined. He felt bliss and contentment in the dark of the night, staring at the moon and stars in the High Country. He felt powerful and accomplished after long bike rides and trail hikes. He felt peace, acceptance and a strong sense of connection.

BZ Smith, Grandparent

It provided many wonderful summer hiking, camping, and learning experiences for my child that she enjoyed and will remember forever!!

Ami Hill, Parent


TLC has opened up my eyes to a different side of life. Allowing me not only to see some of the most incomparably beautiful sights on earth, but to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of, I am so grateful for the time I've spent as a part of it. Not only are the experiences incredible, but the people both leading and participating in TLC are equally incredible, in so many ways. I have nothing but fond memories looking back at my weeks as a part of the camp, and it has helped to define who I am as a person today.

Ally L., Teen Leadership Camper

TLC provided as a sanctuary for me, a place free from social media, the internet, and all of the other factors that congest our lives in the modern world. In place of this, I experienced raw, real life. Whether I found it hiking among Ponderosa trees on our backpacking trips, or singing Quaker Jams with my fellow campers, being a part of TLC has given me a true sense of how life should really be lived.

Charlotte O., Teen Leadership Camper


In short, TLC has changed my life. It has inspired me to become more active in my community, and to have fun in whatever I am doing. At camp, you do really awesome things. Daily activities range from swimming in the local pond to cooking for the camp to having super-cool dance parties. I would recommend TLC to anyone looking to have a good summer and enrich their life.

Carson S., Teen Leadership Camper