Life at Camp Woolman

Where else can you join a band of superheroes, perform a song about purple lasagna (and get a standing ovation), tye-dye your socks, make new friends, learn about bugs, and jump in a beautiful river... all in the same day?

Days at camp are full of fun, laughter, friends, food, and choices. We do lots of things together – eating meals, playing whole-camp games, singing at the campfire, going to Mel's Pond. And there's also times when you get to decide what you want to do – which activity you want to sign up for, which game you want to play, or what you want to do during free time. Counselors are always hosting activities, making sure everyone has a good and safe time. But watch out! Your counselors might turn into pirates and hijak yer cabin mates and then you'd have to go rescue them!

A Typical Day

The great thing about days at camp is that they're all different! But okay, here's what your schedule might look like one day at camp

7:30 Wake up to the sound of singing
8:00 Eat a delicious breakfast, hear exciting news about the day
9:00 Cleanup and play time
9:30 Quiet reflection & singing
10:00 Morning Activity -- All-camp inclusive games (everything from tag to a massive rock-paper-scissors tournament!)
12:00 Lunch -- tasty!
1:00 Get rested up for...
2:00 Afternoon Activity! -- your choice of sports, games, arts, crafts, music, and much more.
3:30 Snack Time and Mail Call
4:00 Afternoon Activity 2 -- your choice again! Go swimming, tye-dye, play games... so many choices!
6:00 Dinner -- even more delicious!
7:00 Epic game of Jugs (our #1 camp game!)
9:00 Sing some songs to close the day. Better get some rest for tomorrow!

Other Special Events

As well as our normal days we have wonderful events that don't fit in the normal daily schedule, such as Barbeques up at camp's personal pond, cabin cleaning competitions for a grand prize, Woolman Night Live (our camp talent show), dance parties, campus-wide scavenger hunts, and much, much more. Camp has so many amazing things going on it barely has time to fit everything in! 


We know that sometimes you're in the mood for running around playing soccer, and other times you'd rather sit in the shade and make art. That's why there are always lots of activities to choose from. Check out the 101 activities (and more) we do at camp!


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