Chris Benfield

Maintenance Supervisor

Chris Benfield grew up in the north of England. 

His interest in art led him to move to New York in the 90s after completing  a B.A. in Fine Art (Painting) at Wimbledon Art School. After moving to San Francisco during the Dot Com Boom he became involved in activism via Art & Revolution's street theater and prop making for demonstrations. 

Burning Man was a main focus for him for many years with its large art building through collectivism and wild, edgy possibilities, until a spiritual hunger that couldn't be satisfied in the desert, demanded a grounding in earth based traditions which he has been devoted to for the last 10 years.

In his professional life starting even in high school, an aptitude and pragmatism for building maintenance and upgrades has provided for him materially over the years, despite sojourns in mural painting at various times.

In retrospect, all these threads  entwined into the somewhat inevitability of his present position at Woolman, where caring for this family at large, as well as his own family, the land and facilities, has provided him with the opportunity for more growing, which he is truly grateful for.