Beth McCleary

Board Member

I started attending Friends Meeting or worship, and taught at a Friends high school, in Maryland in 1994; I was first an attender, then a member of Reno Meeting since 2000; I started attending quarterly meetings at SFC in 2005 or so with my two kids; I joined the CPFEA board 4+ years ago; I own and run my farm/ranch on the eastern front of the Sierra in Washoe Valley, Nevada.

I felt strongly led to offer myself for CPFEA board service and I never really knew nor have discovered exactly why. I extended into another term as trustee with that same sense, and also with hopes of helping see come into being 1) a significantly larger board, so that CPFEA trustees no longer have to walk around feeling chronically over-extended, and 2) a version of the Woolman Semester program that brings to the world the same transformative power it did before--but which going forward is securely anchored/grounded spiritually and financially in a sustainable, healthy, developmentally-appropriate container (which might mean it looks very, very different in certain ways).