Woolman Teen Leadership Camp

Hiking in the Sierras

Dates, Rates, and Registration

These exciting programs takes the Summer Camp experience to a whole new level for 15 and 16 year olds: We offer both a two-week hiking program and a one-week farming and food justice program.

Hiking Program (Two weeks): TLCers will spend two days bonding, learning about their trip, and preparing for hiking. They and their trip leaders will then embark on a 8-day backpacking trip along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) where teens will learn to facilitate trail life by working with camp stoves, bear bagging, purifying water, and reading a map. Upon returning to camp, they will spend the rest of the session engaging in leadership training and practice with younger campers, as well as closing out their community wilderness experiance.   

What Our Programs Offer

  • Incredible trips to locations throughout Tahoe National Forest including Grouse Ridge, Castle Peak and the Yuba River. Teens enjoy an expanded opportunity to take on longer and more challenging expeditions, engage in communal art, music and dancing, explore new levels of outdoor self reliance, and participate in impacting stewardship projects.
  • Learn new skills like trip planning, leadership, trail cooking, native plant identification, permaculture, primitive skills, survival skills and even time for solo wilderness reflection.
  • Leadership opportunities for working with the younger campers, peer leadership in formats such as teambuilding and problem solving, and even the opportunity to participate in service that will leave a lasting imprint on the community and the environment. 
  • Place-based education will give you fascinating insights about the natural world you call home. Explore the depth of yourself as a sensitive, unique and dynamic human being in a constantly transitioning world. ALL learning is outside the box, and you are not just the learner---you are the teacher too. This is the chance to really explore the depths of your capacity to share the things that you feel are significant in an interactive process of self discovery and environmental exploration.
  • Personal achievements combine good work with interesting learning and great fun. The pursuit of goal designed by your own interests drive the experience. You will be supported to grow exactly the way you wish, with challenges fit to your unique heart and mind. 
  • Amazing friendships that last and open brand new doors. Our campers return season after season and share their stories with us about the connections made at camp and the deep significance many of them grew to represent along timelines of many years. It cannot be overstated how meaningful it is to stay in touch with those who were close to you when you experienced your most signficant and impacting life events. 

Our Teen Leadership Camp Goals

  1. To foster, facilitate and support the growth of teen minds, hearts and spirits.
  2. To explore the natural world and create platforms for reflection upon one's place in it and impact on it.
  3. To develop and mature the capacity for self-reliance and the depth of worldly awareness.
  4. To challenge the breadth of communication skills, experiences moments of genuine empathy and openness of the soul.
  5. To engage with service and stewardship, and explore the extent to which personal passion and interest can drive signficant change.
  6. To provide direct, active platforms for leadership at multiple levels, and to explore different formats of leadership itself.
  7. To examine the notions of peace, justice, sustainability, simplicity and integrity, and how each influence our lives and our values. 
  8. To seek and to find moments of silence, reflection, relaxation, connection and joy---with friends new and old, and under the tutelage of caring and supportive guides.

This program is a powerful pathway for any teen. It is underscored by a commitment to balance camper-driven objectives with counselor guided challenges. No camper will ever be pushed more than they choose with their own free will. If you feel that this is a fit for your teen, please do not hesitate to contact us (using the link at the bottom of this page) and converse about how to support them in the process. 

Regarding gender

Here at Camp Woolman, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment. We welcome any and all people to talk with us about their needs or concerns. Camp has strived to take an active role in promoting equity in this respect by consistently employing gender-queer people in our younger camp, teen camp, and among our CITs and staff.


Teen Leadership Camp offered diverse outdoor activities around Woolman core values, allowing kids to challenge themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. From "going the distance" while backpacking or biking to time spent alone reflecting, the two weeks spent at camp helped our son mature in an environment of fun and caring.
- Parent of a Teen Leadership Camper, 2011