The Counselor In Training Program

Past CITs

Looking for a summer challenge? The Counselor In Training program gives recent camp grads a chance to come back to camp and experience being in a leadership role. This opportunity is an abounding leap out of the world of being a camper, and a firm but moderate step into the role of guidance, counseling and community collaboration. It is a program designed for the willing of heart, the rugged of spirit and the creative of mind. 

As a participant in this program, you will receive a week of training in high communication systems, behavior guidance models, leadership styles, and activity programs. You will be introduced to community life as a cooperative member in the think tank that builds magic and wonder in the lives of campers every day. You will be challenged to be a leadership force among campers and your peers, guiding appropriate behavior, mediating conflicts and analyzing needs. Your skills in many domains will be exposed to various new avenues of growth. You will begin a pathway that holds boundless potential, but only that to which you invest wholly in its ends by the drive of your own volition. 

As a CIT, you too will have an opportunity to challenge the community back. New areas of growth are welcomed in every direction, and you may yet be driven to see the results of your work enact changes in the system that are crafted by your own suggestions.

The whole of the program includes one week of staff training, four weeks of camp, and one week of post camp debrief. In your work as a CIT during main camp, you will be paired with a counselor and a cabin of your gender and will shadow and support the needs of that group throughout your session. You will also lead a chore crew and manage a small group of campers as they make their chore rounds a few times per week. You will assist with planning, preparing and implementing programs, wilderness trips, games and activities. You will attend meetings with the staff, share thoughts, insights and observations, and participate in the consensus process. Your days will be long, active, thoughtful, playful, exploratory, creative and with our sincerest hopes, richly satisfying to your soul. 

You must meet the following minimums to apply:

  • At least 17 years old.
  • Graduates of our camp, or of other camp experiences.
  • Passionately interested in working with younger children. 
  • Mature and responsible. A guiding presence among peers. 
  • Ready to be at camp in an adult role.
  • Ready to transition between enjoying the camp experience as a participant and facilitating it as a leadership force. 
  • Excited about summer camp, and ready to put a personal touch on programs and processes to grow and develop them. 

The cost is $1!

If all of this sounds like sweet music to your ears, then:

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