Camp Woolman Staff

Our staff is made up of incredibly talented people who have skills, experience, and training in outdoor leadership, first-aid, lifeguarding, group building, and conflict resolution, as well as many talents to share: art, music, nature skills, drama, athletics, and more. Every person on staff is committed to giving campers the most positive, safe, fun, and growthful experience they can have this summer.

What do counselors do? 
  • Keep everyone safe by managing risk
  • Play games and lead zany events
  • Make up crazy songs
  • Lead incredible trips
  • Live in cabins with campers
  • Make sure everyone is having fun
  • Change lives and impact hearts
  • Solve problems and mediate conflicts
  • Support and scaffold growth
  • Radiate unconditional love
  • Facilitate an atmosphere of group empowerment
  • Teach new skills and open doorways to ideas
  • Offer reflective food for thought
  • Protect the health and happiness of the community
  • Comfort homesick or sad campers
  • Serve as professional role models
  • Embody the core values of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Service
Want to be a Counselor? Join the fun

Working at Camp Woolman is unlike any camp experience out there! We are unique because of our small size and wide range of activities on a day to day basis. As a counselor you get to lead trips, create random dance parties, swim with campers in the river, live in a cabin with the campers, help with chores, and really shape how the summer goes for the campers. At camp you are a role model, parent, friend, shoulder to cry on, ear for listening, chaperone, buddy, and most of all SUPERHERO! All counselors must be 18 or older.

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Want to get your feet wet first? Check out our Counselor in Training Program for ages 17 and up.

Camp Woolman

Headshot Keenan Lorenzato, Camp Director

Keenan is ecstatic for his first summer as Camp Woolman Director. A perennial face over the past 15 years he has contributed in many ways to the centers community. A veteran backpacker, Keenan served in two conservation corps restoring native habitat to parks and wilderness lands in Washington and California. In previous summers Keenan has worked at the Woolman camps as a counselor, operations manager, and TLC director. Keenan holds a BS in Biology from Guilford College with a minor in Quaker Studies. He is inspired by community formation, studying nature, and outdoor play.

Headshot Jessica (Jessie) Mitchell, Assistant Director

Jessie is a 2016 graduate of The State University of New York at Albany with a degree in Social Work and a minor in music. She has served as a mentor for high school freshman and was a facilitator for social change as part of a community service group called Alpha Phi Omega (APO). Additionally, she has substantial experience in coordinating special events as well as marketing and outreach. Among her many interests are hiking, backpacking, camping, photography, music, theater, and yoga. She holds certifications in Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR. Jessie is eager to advance Woolman's commitment to providing transformative summer experiences to each of our campers in a positive and wholesome environment.

Headshot Mark Runyan, Director of Teen Leadership Camp

Usually found planning backpacking trips, playing soccer, leading jugs, or otherwise exhausting an essentially limitless energy, Mark's love of camp knows no bounds. He acknowledges that this is, in part, due to his desire to believe he can still keep up with 4-year-olds. Mark has long held a passion for experiential education and the outdoors, and has followed a calling towards these ends working with teens and children at Camp Woolman for the past 6 years as a counselor and as the operations manager for both camps -- coordinating backpacking trips and ensuring that the campers are continually offered new, exciting, and safe trips throughout Tahoe National Forest and the surrounding area. This year, Mark is excited to step full time into his role as director of Teen Leadership Camp, a position which he held in tandem with others in 2015 and 2016. 

Woolman has been a second home to Mark since he was a "little tyke", the age commonly referred to as 7. Mr. Runyan, a name by which he has never been referred to, loves nothing more than to come home each summer to this beautiful place and go on one more set of most-excellent adventures with the best bunch of kids between here and Pluto.